Who is Gilad Tisona?

Gilad Tisona is an Israeli businessman who ventures in businesses related to digital health and digital marketing. Also, he invests in income-producing real estate and software development companies.Given below is a brief description of the type of business ventures this entrepreneur invests in.

Digital Health

Gilad Tisona is a major investor and chairman of Helfy.co, a company that engages in the digital health and health field as a whole. 

The operation of Heify.co is to help enhance the quality of life using various advanced digital solutions. This goal of the company is met by offering exciting and new methods to get a man’s life back on the right path with the aid of high-quality standards in the digital healthcare industry.

Gilad Tisona
Gilad Tisona

Income-Producing Real Estate

GBE Real Estate, a real estate company that invests in income-generating real estate in Israel and all over the world, is another company that Gilad Tisona invests in. This organization owns some commercial real estate properties that are income producing. This includes properties leased to hotels, commercial and office complexes, and health funds in Israel. Locating properties, upgrading and renting these properties on the market are some of the functions of this firm. Also, this great organization works passionately to discover business opportunities in real estate while examining the business feasibility of investing in commercial properties.

Digital Marketing

Gilad Tisona has so much experience in the digital marketing field, as he has been an active partaker in the creation and running of digital marketing establishments since his period in the military service. This attribute makes the Israeli businessman invest greatly in the digital marketing industry.

Tisona currently is the manager and controlling owner of Amarda Technologies Ltd. This technological firm offers business intelligence (BI), information monitoring and Big Data systems. Also, it invests in businesses that produce A-Z systems for e-commerce companies and some other applications.

Amarda Technologies Ltd. is involved in developing digital marketing systems that aid the clever and practical monitoring of large information that businesses and companies generate. Also, with these systems, companies will gain insights from the accumulated information, and this will lead to success. In all, this company enables businesses to optimize their marketing campaign and increase their revenue with optimal monitoring of the marketing budget.
Amarda Technologies Ltd. provides tools that help enhance the measuring system for an online advertising campaign, thus, improving the results of media campaigns and PPC. At the same time, the company allows for the bettering of websites’ browsing speed by optimising the platform code.

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